COVID – 19 Update:  Face masks are required by ALL persons picking up food.  This includes both Walk-Up and Drive-Thru distributions (even inside your vehicle while you interact with volunteers).  If you do not have a mask or will not wear one correctly, you will be directed to exit the line and will not be served.  Our suggestion is to coordinate with a family member, friend, or neighbor to pick up the food for you.

Our volunteers’ health and safety is of the utmost importance to us and our ability to continue to provide healthy food to the community.

Thank you for your cooperation and stay healthy!

Upcoming Events




We are seeking Support and Sponsorship, For all inquiries please send an email: [email protected] for an official letter.
Tickets are being sold on-site. See Administration and Co-Chairs (Carmen Gerardo and Shirina Perna).
Ticket Prices:
Single: $10 Couple: $ 15 Family (2adult/2 children under 12 yrs old): $20 Family +: add $5 Per Person

Who are the Eagles Helping Hands?

Eagles Helping Hands (EHH) is a non-profit organization of dedicated volunteers committed to feeding those in need and reducing the amount of food waste piling up in land fills. Our organization operates entirely on the generosity of our members and the community, donating time, energy, equipment, materials, and cash to ensure we can bring healthy food into our community.

Eagles Helping Hands understands that not everyone meets financial standards to qualify for many assistance programs. Many of our families are people who work hard every day and make just enough money to put them over the income levels to receive financial help. We provide healthy foods that allow people to save a few precious dollars that can be spent paying another bill or putting gas in the car to get to work. To accomplish these goals, EHH partners with organizations that have sponsored food programs, as well as local grocery stores for food rescues.

Organizations such as Food Rescue US and the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) provide programs that bring healthy food into the community. Food Rescue US networks with many businesses and companies to bring food that is going to be thrown away or wasted to those organizations who provide food and meals to the community.
With programs such as the Farmers to Families, the USDA purchases fresh produce, meat, and dairy products and has them packaged into family sized boxes which are then delivered to food banks such as EHH. Once we at EHH receive the food, it is immediately distributed to people in the community.

Another part of our mission is to reduce to amount of food waste that ends up in land fills. There are millions of pounds of food that find their way to the local dump instead of a dining room table each year. Due to expiration dates, stores and restaurants are often forced to dispose of otherwise good food that they can not legally sell or use. Eagles Helping Hands partners with these stores and restaurants to pick up the food and immediately get it into the hands of families who can use it.

Distribution Information

The schedule for when Eagles Helping Hands varies daily because of our work with our partners in rescuing food. Our board can not predict when rescue food will become available and due to our desire to get these healthy foods into the hands of those who need it most as fast as we can, we do not store rescue foods until a scheduled distribution day. So how can you find out when Eagles Helping Hands is open? Follow our Facebook page, for a post saying we have a rescue and are open. Food rescues can come any day during business hours, so make sure you have your notification settings turned on.

As of today, we are working with Food Rescue US - Detroit to receive healthy food boxes from the USDA program and distribute them to the community. Our planned distribution of these boxes is on Friday mornings, beginning at approximately 6:00am and going until we run out. Friday distribution times may vary slightly due to delivery times to Eagles Helping Hands.

Drive - Thru: On Fridays, due to the large quantities of boxes, our distribution is drive through only. Traffic cones will be out and volunteers will direct people where to go. When picking up a box for your family, or boxes for a few families, please follow the directions of the volunteers. When approaching a distribution station, indicate how many families you are picking up for, unlock your hatch or back door, and remain in your vehicle. Volunteers will place the boxes into your vehicle for you. PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU HAVE ROOM AVAILABLE FOR THE BOXES. Volunteers will not move your property around to make room for boxes and you will be asked to leave the line to make room yourself.

Walk-Up: On days that we have food rescues or smaller quantities of food, we will have a walk up distribution. Please park in the area outside the cones and walk to our building to receive food. Those vehicles with Michigan Secretary of State issued handicap license plate or hang tags may park inside the traffic cones. Vehicles without handicap plates or hang tags may be ticketed or towed and the person will not be served.


Our Partners

These organizations make it possible for the Eagles Helping Hands to assist so many in our community!

United States Department of Agriculture

The USDA has created the Farmers to Families program where they are working with local farmers, packaging and distribution companies to ensure that healthy food is not wasted or destroyed.  This program is helping to feed millions of people.

Food Rescue US – Detroit

Food Rescue US - Detroit is the Eagles Helping Hands partner in working with the USDA Farmers to Families program.  Food Rescue US - Detroit networks with multiple organizations and coordinates the deliveries of large quantities of fresh produce, protein, and dairy products that we are able to get to those in our community in need.

South Redford School District

Eagles Helping Hands has found a home on the property of Thurston High School in the refurbished building that was previously a concession stand for the football field.  SRSD has provided Eagles Helping Hands with a location for storage of supplies and distribution of donated food.


Costco of Livonia (Middlebelt) has partnered with EHH to rescue food items that may be reaching their sell by expiration dates.  Their generosity provides fresh produce and dairy products to families, while reducing land fill waste.


Hazon, the Jewish Lab for Sustainability, is the largest faith-based environmental organization in the United States.  Their Detroit Director, Wren Hack, works hand in hand with Eagles Helping Hands, frequently delivering food for distribution.

Grass King

Jason Philips, owner of Grass King, has been an essential part of our logistics team from the start.  Philips has generously donated the use of a Grass King trailer to assist in the transportation of food boxes and rescue items to our distribution site.

Meet Our Team

Eagles Helping Hands is operated 100% by volunteers. These are our Board members, but the countless people who volunteer their time at every distribution and event are the real heroes!

Wish List

Eagles Helping Hands relies on the generosity of our partners and the public to continue to bring healthy food to the local community

Paper Towel                           Garbage bags                Clean grocery bags

            Bleach                                   Diapers                   Large heavy tarps (20’x30′)


   We are beginning to enter the cold season for food distribution and the below items will make the process safer and more comfortable for volunteers:

Propane Heaters

Easy-Up Canopy (straight legs, sides are a plus)

Weights to hold down tent


Donate to Eagles Helping Hands through PayPal 

Frequently Asked Questions

Eagles Helping Hands relies on the generosity of our partners and the public to continue to bring healthy food to the local community

A Food Rescue, also known as food recovery or food salvage, is the practice of collecting edible food that would likely go to waste from places such as farms, grocery stores, produce markets, or restaurants and casinos for distribution. In most cases, the recovered food is perfectly edible, but not sellable. For example, bagged lettuce past its “sell-by” date, or a case of juice with one broken bottle.

Our goals are to address food waste in our landfills by rescuing fresh food that would otherwise be discarded; and help our community with access to fresh produce and other ingredients for healthy meals, positively impacting diet-related disease.

The Eagles Helping Hands Food Rescues prioritize whole foods, focusing on fruits and vegetables to be redistributed. Additionally, we will occasionally have access to bread and other baked goods.

Businesses that participate may qualify to receive tax benefits for their donations and are free from liability lawsuits thanks to the

Bill Emerson Good Samaritan Food Act. Plus, they enjoy the great feeling that comes from doing the right thing.

If you are a restaurateur, supermarket supervisor, or farmer who doesn’t enjoy throwing away food, please contact us! We may be able to use your extras or connect you to an organization that can.

There are NO qualifications to receive food from Eagles Helping Hands. You do not need to provide financial documents proving your income levels, nor do you need to provide proof of residency in Redford Township. What we do require is that you use the food for your family and neighbors and do not sell the items that you receive from us.

Eagles Helping Hands is a non-profit organization and there are operating expenses associated with being able to provide healthy food to our community. These costs may include transportation, storage, and packaging of food, as well as other basic operational expenses. Each dollar donated allows EHH to provide better services and communication to families. Our Board of Directors and staff are all volunteers who donate their time.

For the safety of our volunteers, Eagles Helping Hands volunteers WILL NOT deliver food to families. We recognize that transportation may be an issue for some people and encourage families to speak with family, friends, and neighbors to organize a plan to attend one of our distribution times. One person may pick up food boxes for multiple families.

  • Limits may be placed on items that are in low quantity or high demand, such as protein boxes.

A corporate sponsor is a store or vendor who partners with Eagles Helping Hands to reduce food waste by donating those items to our organization to distribute.  Our corporate sponsors contact us when they are ready to purge their location of foods that are approaching their “sell by” date.  Our team will be dispatched to the store promptly to pick up the items and deliver them to our home base to prepare for distribution.

Contact Us

Are you interested in joining the Eagles Helping Hands team as a volunteer or a corporate sponsor? We would love to hear from you!
  • Distribution Address: 26255 Schoolcraft (Thurston High School), Redford MI 48239
  • [email protected]
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